Northern Housing Summit aiming to find solutions to housing needs | The Sioux Lookout Bulletin

Sioux Lookout is preparing to host delegates from across Northwestern Ontario to look for solutions to continuing and growing housing needs across the region with a focus on this community.

The Northern Housing Summit (NHS) is expected to bring stakeholders and interest groups from a variety of sectors together in Sioux Lookout June 26 – 28.

Municipal Economic Development Manager Vicki Blanchard shared, “The Municipality of Sioux Lookout has conducted several research projects around housing. For the last 30 years, housing has always been top of mind… In 2016 we conducted a housing survey and during the housing survey, we looked at some of the detail and the data, and we’ve been listening to the public and listening to our own employees that we’re hiring about the cost of rental properties or no rental properties available. This has become a real issue.”

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